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Our Mission:

Saving Families and Getting Families Saved

Our Message:

Families are in trouble.

Families are under heavy fire and have no defense against such an attack. Father less homes have ravished our nation, drop out rates are at an all time high, divorce rates are the highest in human history, marriage is not an option, teen violence, incarceration, and teen pregnancy has become the norm.
Youth are depraved of nurturing attention and discipline, our fathers have left their post as head of their homes and our mothers are doing it alone.

This is the picture of today’s family.

Back to the Family has a message that will transform what has become the “family”. Our message is HOPE, CHANGE and RESTORATION of the family and to bring it back to its original design.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to restore the blueprint God made for man, wife and children. Our goal is for every family to be equipped and prepared to pursue restoration in their families.

But where can families go to get information that won’t change with social and political movements? Where can families go to be encouraged and strengthened?

Our goal is to become the informational hub and support for families to depend on.


The Pains & Joys of Raising Boys

Only $19.99

This is the first of the "Back to the Family Series" of books – Dealing with the joys and pain of raising boys. This is a must read for anyone who have or know anyone who has boys.

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The Pains & Joys of Raising Boys
Truth or Lie Conference DVD

Only $19.99

This DVD presents solutions to parents on how they can respond to the lies that the world is telling their sons about their future and what the definition of a “real man” is.

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Power Paren-T-een Prescriptions

Only $14.99

Why do teens feel that they must do the exact opposite of what we tell them?
How much influence does peer pressure really have on my child?
How do we help them to make right choices?

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The Power
Audio CD

Only $14.99

Indulge yourself in an audio version of the educational & motivational steps to the planning of Personal Success for your youth.

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Personal Success
Failure Prevention System

Only $34.99

Experience a step-by-step educational & motivational road mapping system to help in the planning of Personal Success for your youth.

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