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Ministry Bio
Minister Carlos Johnson

Minister Carlos Johnson initially answered his call to ministry in 1991 by working with the youth at Oak Grove AME Church under the guidance and training of Bishop Gregory Ingram. As he grew to develop an even greater hunger for learning and understanding the ways of God he was later led to pursue further study and training under the leadership of Pastor Emory Moss at Strictly Biblical Bible Teaching Ministry.

Later in 2005 he was officially ordained by Pastor Christopher Brooks at Evangel Ministries as Director of the Family and the Masterís Men ministry. A ministry set on restoring and reviving the blue print and role of men in the family.

As he grew closer to God, he was empowered and inspired to minister to families in a greater way so:

  • he created the family curriculum titled Godís Prosperous Family
  • finished his second book titled ďThe Pains & Joys of Raising Boys"
  • and launched his family ministry- Back-2-The Family Ministries whose mission is:
    Saving Families and Getting Families Saved.

He is a faithfully dedicated husband and father, a good steward to his church as well as the people of God he serves. As he continues the fight for restoration and renewal in families, he believes with a passion:

The strength and weakness of any organization,
be it corporation, community, church or country
is directly related to the strengths and weaknesses
of the families that belong to it.

So as God leads him heíll continue his mission of

Saving Families and Getting Families Saved!


The Pains & Joys of Raising Boys

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This is the first of the "Back to the Family Series" of books – Dealing with the joys and pain of raising boys. This is a must read for anyone who have or know anyone who has boys.

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The Pains & Joys of Raising Boys
Truth or Lie Conference DVD

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This DVD presents solutions to parents on how they can respond to the lies that the world is telling their sons about their future and what the definition of a “real man” is.

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Power Paren-T-een Prescriptions

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Why do teens feel that they must do the exact opposite of what we tell them?
How much influence does peer pressure really have on my child?
How do we help them to make right choices?

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The Power
Audio CD

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Indulge yourself in an audio version of the educational & motivational steps to the planning of Personal Success for your youth.

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Personal Success
Failure Prevention System

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Experience a step-by-step educational & motivational road mapping system to help in the planning of Personal Success for your youth.

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