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The Pains & Joys of Raising Boys

This is the first of the "Back to the Family Series" of books – Dealing with the joys and pain of raising boys. This is a must read for anyone who have or know anyone who has boys.

Price: 19.99



The Pains & Joys of Raising Boys – Video/Training DVD

Have you ever felt that your son was living in a fantasy world? That he was out of touch with reality and on his way to hell or hard times? The “Truth or Lie” video/training presents a challenge to young men to make a “choice” between living in a fantasy world or preparing for what it takes to become a Future-Man.

This video caputures what God did for families and boys who attended our 2008 “Truth or Lie?” conference. The video/training presents solutions to parents on how they can respond to the lies that the world is telling their sons about their future and what the definition of a “real man” is.

If you were there, this is an opportunity to motivate and remind yourself what must be done to save your son/s. If you missed the conference, this is an opportunity to share the experience, and get vital information that will bless your home and maybe save your son!

Price: 19.99



Power Paren-T-een Prescriptions

  • Why do teens feel that they must do the exact opposite of what we tell them?
  • How much influence does peer pressure really have on my child?
  • How do we help them to make right choices?
  • How can parents help their child strive for and desire success in a culture that embraces mediocrity?

This book is not for parents who want a quick fix or an easy answer — there are no simple answers to these questions — It’s for parents who are ready to delve into understanding the dynamics of raising today’s teen.

Price: 14.99



The Power Paren-T-een Audio CD

Indulge yourself in an audio version of the educational & motivational steps to the planning of Personal Success for your youth.

Audio Sample

Price: 14.99



I.M.A.G.E. Personal Success Failure Prevention System

Experience a step-by-step educational & motivational road mapping system to help in the planning of Personal Success for your youth.

Five interactive exercises to teach youth about Personal Success Life Skills.


Price: 34.99